Don’t leave your products unprotected.

Custom Tamper-Evident Labels are the smart choice for businesses that are concerned about theft or tampering. Custom Tamper Evident Labels are customizable, plus they offer the peace of mind that evidence of tampering will be clearly visible.

Given the rapid changes taking place in the world, a new challenge is maintaining consumers’ trust in a product. It could be a meal delivered by a local restaurant, or a car that’s been sanitized following dealership service, consumers want to be sure that their products have not been tampered with. [/one_half_last]Customer recognition of tampering can be a label that shows damage when disrupted, such as any label that covers the opening of a package. A semi-gloss or thermal paper face stock with a permanent adhesive can be affixed to create a seal on a box, bag, bottle, or other containers. The label can be printed with either a general brand message/graphic such as a company logo, or a security message such as “Sealed for your protection.”

Blank or custom printed: Keep your tamper-evident seals clean and simple with a blank label, or dress it up with your own custom artwork.

Choose from two types of tamper-indicating label materials: Destructible vinyl shreds into tiny pieces when label removal is attempted, making it very obvious if a container has been opened. Void tamper mark leaves the word “Void” behind on the substrate when the label is pulled off, and the label cannot be re-used. This is available in silver or white for color printing.