Labels that stand up to wet or harsh environments.

We Offer A Large Selection Of Polyester, Vinyl, And Laminated Equipment Labels And Outdoor Sticker Materials

Because Labelsmith Inc. is based in the Sierra Mountains of Northern Nevada we are exposed to high winds, extreme sun, and desert dust. We understand the need for durability when it comes to your labels.

Labelsmith Inc. offers durable outdoor stickers and equipment labels that are designed to hold up against the elements and the natural wear and tear.

Below Are Some Points You Should Consider When Getting Started With Weatherproof Labels

  • Different materials have different lifespans for weatherproofing, which also affects the price of the material. You will want to balance price and label lifespan depending upon your specific label needs.
  • A laminate finish or UV coating can help protect inks so your labels look great longer. UV-resistant laminate is also available to extend color integrity for outdoor labels.
  • Film, vinyl, and polyester laminated labels are ideal for waterproof labels because they are unlikely to smudge or bleed.

We do want you to know that even with UV-resistant laminate, weatherproof labels are best suited for environments with minimal sunlight exposure. If your label will primarily be used outdoors in direct sunlight, silk screen printing is the best method to maintain the label’s quality. At this time, we do not offer silk screen printing.

Labelsmith Services Many Industries

Labelsmith services industries from transportation and manufacturing to medical and industrial with all types of warning, OEM, and promotional stickers. Each equipment label and outdoor sticker material is weatherproof for a specific amount of time so let us know your particular application. Asset identification, bar codes, and consecutively numbered labels can be laminated for durability and weather resistance.

Equipment labels, outdoor stickers, bumper stickers, window decals, outdoor labels, warehouse labels, property identification labels, service and repair labels, maintenance reminders, parking stickers, school spirit decals… anytime you need a label that lasts!