Your label is your customer’s first impression of your product.

Get professionally printed labels created to your exact specifications.

No matter what your product is, the label is probably the most important part of the selling cycle. A brilliant product with a poorly designed label will cause the eye of the hurried consumer to move right past it. With a wide variety of materials and finishes, Labelsmith can help you find the right label for your job.

Food and Beverage Labels

Custom labels for sauces and condiments, jams and honey, snacks, cheese, and more. Craft Beer, coffee, juice, water bottles, teas, drink mixes, and more.

Personal Care Labels

From nutritional supplements to bath gels and skincare products, a clean and eye-catching label will make a statement about your product.

Pet Products

A rapidly growing arena, pet products are increasingly varied and popular. Appeal to folks who love their furry friends.

Cannabis Labels

Unique shapes or material choices such as clear or metallics can enhance your image, attract the consumer, and establish trust in your brand.

Advertising and Promotional

Whether you’re preparing for a big event, testing a new product, or running a special promotion, promotional product labels can meet your specific need.

Household and Consumer Products

Household product labels need  the durability to last through constant handling and the look to engage your customer.