What kind of printing do you do?

Flexography, digital, and thermal variable data printing. Most of our labels are produced by the flexographic printing process, a technology widely used in the printing of labels and packaging because of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We print on rolls of label material at high speeds. The label stock unwinds from a roll and runs continuously through the press from one ink station to the next, and the label shape is die cut in-line. The inks are water-based and environmentally friendly.

What is a pressure sensitive label?

“Pressure sensitive” is a fancy way of saying a sticky label. PS labels have an adhesive coated on the back and adhere by rubbing or applying pressure to stick the label on a surface.

Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal: which one should I use?

Thermal transfer printing uses a heat sensitive ribbon to produce the printed image. Typically used for longer duration applications, such as bar codes, bin labels in warehousing, and shipping labels. Lower in initial cost than direct thermal labels, but require a ribbon to print. Direct thermal labels are used in disposable use applications, because over time, the label surface will fade. They will also turn black if exposed to extreme heat or UV rays. Direct thermal is perfect for inventory control labels that don’t need to last for a long time. The heat sensitive stock is more expensive, but no ribbon is necessary.

Are label sheets less expensive than roll labels?

Label sheets are typically more expensive than label rolls because they require an additional station to sheet the material. Sheeted labels are also shrink-wrapped and placed in stacks, which requires additional handling.

Can I get printing on the back of the liner?

Yes, this is treated as an extra color.

Will my outdoor labels fade in the sunlight?

Flexographic inks will fade over time, some colors more than others. Red and yellow are the worst offenders. The amount of fading to be expected depends on where the label is placed (direct sunlight all day vs partial exposure such as on a vehicle that moves.) Sunscreen lamination is available to help with fading. 

Can you print multiple designs on my labels for quantity discounts?

Yes, we can for labels of the same size. Charges will vary by what changes on the label and designs where only one color has copy changes will save you money.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, there will be no cancellation charges if no artwork has been started. However, if printing plates, dies or special stock has been ordered you will be responsible for charges already incurred.