Asset management, tamper evidence, preserving calibration information… these are just a few of the uses for specialty labels. Many use our product labeling solutions for applications that purchasers, engineers, contractors, medical personnel, and office managers encounter every day.

Self-sealing labels come with an adhesive flap that seals to the label to protect important written information such as date codes, due dates, or calibration documentation.

Domed labels: A 3D effect created by the process of pouring liquid polyurethane on top of a label. It forms a thick coating of clear resin that protects the printed image. It naturally creates a consistent beveled edge even with custom shapes.

Void polyester labels show the word “VOID” when removed. Tamper evident labels self-destruct upon removal.

A unique label shape can add visual impact to your product. We carry hundreds of shaped dies and can create a custom die shape for you. For the latest trends in packaging, we’ve added digital printing capabilities to give your products custom shapes at lower costs.