What is a QR Code?

The ‘QR’ stands for quick response code, and you will see these square graphics everywhere like packaging, magazines, billboards and product labels. QR code labels and stickers can be scanned with a mobile phone app which can launch a website, send a text message, enter a sweepstakes, promote an event and more.

QR code labels work well with many products because they share large amounts of information without taking up a lot of space. By placing QR codes on your custom labels or stickers, it offers immediate engagement to your target audience so that they’re more likely to remember your product or brand.

Benefits of QR Codes Labels and Stickers

Your imagination is the limit in using QR codes to market your product. Add them to your labels to drive social engagement with your brand. We’ve seen QR codes on food product labels to bring customers to mobile websites with recipes and coupons. You can put the labels on product packaging to give usage instructions, set-up information and special offers for product refills. Put them on a business card to give potential customers a link to your product line card. QR code labels on your packaging or marketing pieces can provide your customers additional information that was not available when your materials were printed, such as:

  • Your new Facebook promotion
  • A page with more detailed information that won’t fit on the product box
  • Use them to deliver step-by-step instructional videos or a printable setup sheet
  • Let them enroll in an event such as a webinar or teleseminar
  • Link them to a special “Exclusive” YouTube video
  • Provide up-to-date discounts or special offers

How do I get one?

It’s easy to obtain a QR code – search online for “QR code generator” and you’ll see a list of websites that can help you create one. If you’re ordering labels from us, we’ll be happy to help you create your QR code. Every day, more people are becoming aware of QR codes and starting to associate them with extra information or other rewards. However, you shouldn’t assume your customers will know how to use them. On your labels, you can include direction for customers on how to scan the code and even what apps to use. Most importantly, make sure your QR code labels reveal something valuable and memorable to your customer.