Labels are everywhere!

Drive through any industrial park and you will find companies that use label products. Go to your local supermarket, convenience store, hardware or nutritional store and you will see custom prime labels on every shelf. The label is what gets a customer to look at a product, and without a well-designed label, a customer may never even see the benefits of your clients product.

If you’re a Graphic Designer you probably don’t think of yourself as a label or packaging reseller. It’s your job to bring your client’s vision to life. However, we have four great reasons why you should consider reselling labels as part of your design services.

  1. Making it easy – Your customer will appreciate the convenience of a one-stop-shop. They chose you for the design aspect of the project, and are sure to appreciate the option to purchase the finished product as well.
  2. Design –When you plan how your design looks through the whole printing process, you can not only add unique touches that you couldn’t otherwise, you can help your client save money by designing multiple lots with images that require less changeover for the printer; for example, different flavor labels that only change the black text, or swap out one color to change the appearance. Fewer changes during a print run means less cost for your client.
  3. Creativity – Print reselling gives you the opportunity to be more creative with your designs. How? You have a variety of new surfaces to design for. Not only labels, but boxes and bags, bumper stickers, signs, T-shirts, even golf balls, you can really get creative with your design and offer a wider variety of options to your customers.
  4. Profit – A well-designed label will sell a product, thereby keeping the customer coming back for more. The bottom line is that you can make more money by selling a finished product. You’re providing two services, and the profit from both will go directly to you.

We work with some of the best names and brands in local consumer products to ensure that their products stand out on the retail shelf, everything from paint cans and dog treats to barbeque sauce and beef jerky. Flexibility and responsiveness are key at Labelsmith. Our customers tell us they appreciate our ability to work with their changing needs, find the best solution, and meet their tight deadlines. Resellers who invest some time to learn about labels will feel more comfortable offering them to their clients, and we are happy to help.  Selling labels will reward you with higher profit margins, and who couldn’t use a little boost there!